My five boys were quite excited for me to begin a blog.  Ideas of wonderful posts they can assist me using their writing skills, and cool videos they will create to share with the whole, wide, world have begun to take shape in their minds.  I decided to name the blog Post Its and Sharpies…. because I am a random person, and I think this shall be a random blog… and I know I will post about my favorite things, and there is something special about new post it notes and sharpies.  You have to agree.  So, after the declaration of the title was made, the diversity of my five boys made yet another one of its startling appearances.  Everyone had an opinion, and everyone had an idea.   I love diversity.  I love how different we think, feel, and even demonstrate ourselves.  It fascinates me all the idiosyncrasies that make us each so individual and so complex… adding spark as we walk each day in the seemingly commonness of humanity. Reminds me of how we are each so uniquely made, and placed with purpose on this earth.  What an awesome thought!

My boys decided they would dream up their own blog titles.  Thought you might be interested:

Jonathan (13):  “The Deep Thoughts of an Intellectual Teenager Who Wants to Say Stuff”

David (11):  “What’s In the Mind of David”

James (9):  “Sweet Jumps”

Paul (6):  “All About Me”

Wesley (4):  “I Love my Mom”


4 responses »

  1. Brad says:

    Those blog titles fit each of their personalities perfectly!

  2. Kristie says:

    Sweetness! Tell Jonathan I’m waiting for him to start his blog! 🙂

  3. I’m so excited to find your blog! I love all the quotes! I’m coming back when I have more time to read more!! Blessings on your day!

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