Debbie Alyene Hughes Clark

My mom is my hero. If there is anyone here on this earth that I would like to develop more characteristics like… it’s her. No, I don’t have her on a pedestal…

(Wait a second. Decides to insert a random rabbit trail here.) Do you know what a pedestal is? Well, it is a substructure that bears a monument or statue on the top of it. You could also say acropodium, or plinth. But, maybe that just doesn’t have the same ring to it……I don’t have my mom on a acropodium. Maybe, it could work.)

Ah… back to the blog. My mom is far from perfect, and she is the first one to always remind you of that fact. In fact, her humility is one of the many reasons she is my hero. During my life, she has never pretended to be perfect, nor ever is she condescending when she has the need to discipline or instruct me. Rather, she quietly urges me on, reminding me of who I am, who I need to strive to be, and then reminds me why.

Once, when I was at the delicate coming-of-age 16, my mom reminded me in one of her gentle ways that taught my heart something in an impacting way. I had my first job, my first car, my first pay-check, and my first little choices that came with my new found “freedom.” Seemingly, not a big deal, I purchased a popular teen fashion magazine. My mom used every choice, and every opportunity she could to mentor. I love that about her. ☺ My mom never mentioned the magazine… but she did take the time to instruct me heart. So, one evening when I got home from work, clattering up the stairs after a long, frustrating day at work (oh, the woes of being 16….), on my dresser was a vase with my favorite flowers, and a card. I still have the card to this day. The card said: “Joani, Never forget where true beauty lies. You do not need a magazine, or the world around you to define what “beauty” is. Know that beauty comes from within, and knowing Jesus makes you more beautiful each day. I love you more than you will ever know. Mom”

Mom, I don’t know if you read my blog… (I hope so today for sure!) But, I want to tell you again how much I love you, and that I aspire to be a patient, gracious, gentle, truth-filled, tender mom like you one day. You are such an amazing lady and you show me daily what true beauty looks like.


3 thoughts on “Debbie Alyene Hughes Clark

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  2. but look to the light! There is relief. Find those little joys in your life, and treasure them. Don’t concentrate on the bad stuff… there will always be bad stuff on this earth… but fill your thoughts with gratitude for the beauty you have. It’s there. Dance in the rain. Know the storm will pass. But don’t waste all your “now” waiting on tomorrow to be better. Look up, look around and enjoy the gifts that keep us moving forward… and then see how you can share the same with others.

    ture words of wisdom…

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