It has been awhile since I last posted.  Very busy days here in Casa Burchett.  We have had our days of dancing (James and I had a dance-off that really should have been televised….), and we have had days with tears.  Such is life, we all understand and so are we told.  We all know the cliques over and over again — “ups and downs,” they roll with our seasons.

Some days I laugh.  I dance.  I sing to the top of my lungs in the shower a song that is so happy.  And then, perhaps you can relate, there are days when a giant named hopelessness who stands on my head.  He tells me that tomorrow will be just as tough, if not more so.  He shouts to me that I will stumble, and I will fail again very soon — reminding me I have so often.  He sneers at my small dreams, and tells me to give up.

A funny story that I like to recall from my “birth stories archives,” was while giving birth to my 5th son (and it bears mentioning here in this point of my tale that he was 10 lbs, 3 oz) I said, “I give up.  I’m done.”

Really Joani…?!

Hope is an expectancy. Hope is the knowledge, trust, and overwhelming desire that something good is coming.  Keep your heart steady on the good that is coming…. don’t let the giant stand on your head.  Remind him of all the good that is set before your eyes, and then get busy.  There is much to do my friend.  Don’t let the giant slow you down.  Look to the light, and run that direction.

Oh, and I didn’t give up (not so sure I had a choice in the matter that day…..).  Wesley was born, and all the pain and hard-work was WAY MORE than worth the journey.  Wesley is one of the five greatest adventures that I have been given, and not a day goes by that I don’t smile really big ‘cos of my little Weezer, and a great big love.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
— Albert Einstein


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