It’s been one year and eight months since my first onset of Bell’s Palsy.  Today, as I was having a small road trip (Yep, I always have time to think on my road trips….) I began to smile as I recalled last night when Wesley asked for “Mahna Mahna” as his bed time lullaby.  Then, as I smiled… the smile grew way larger as I thought about THE FACT THAT  I COULD SMILE!  🙂

A smile is not some thing that you think of often… it comes and goes as it pleases.  It’s there when you feel the emotion of happiness, and when you need to flash someone the beautiful, pearly, white teeth to let them know you are pleased with the joy they bring you.  You take it for granted, just like so many other things that we have each and every day.  In addition to many other symptoms with my Bell’s Palsy, such as loss of taste, a wide-open (disconcerting to view) eye staring incessantly, and hearing issues…. my smile was gone.  This was definitely the worst aspect of Bell’s Palsy.  I couldn’t express the joy in me externally, and I couldn’t share it with others!  Also, have you ever noticed how a smile just lifts sadness a bit on its own?  Try it now…. smile really big.  C’mon, really big where your teeth are all shiny and large.  Now, tell me this.. did you find yourself in a giggle?  I also am quite sure that if anyone else was around you, they did!


Enjoy your smile today.  It’s an amazing feature that you have, and it makes everyone around you happy when you share it big, bold and often.


2 thoughts on “smiles

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    1. Elizabeth LeBlanc

      I just send your blog to someone I love dearly who was just diagnosed with a very rare form of Bell’s Palsy that affects both sides of her face. I told her I am sure she will find spiritual and emotional encouragement from your posts, or at least she won’t feel alone. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I pray that it will help the person I am referring to. 🙂 You’re a real blessing.

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