happy birthday to my favorite composer and my favorite dancer

Today is the birthday of my favorite composer, Johann Sebastian Bach.  He composed AH-MazinG pieces, such as:  The Brandenburg Concertos, The Passion of St. John, The Ascension Oratorio and my all-time love, The Passion of St. Matthew.  His music is incredibly beautiful, and if you have not listened, or experienced his talent – don’t wait another minute… Try Bach today.  🙂

Ironically, my buddy Jamie shares a birthday with J.S. Bach.  The first time I told her that she shared this special day with him she agreed that this was indeed spectacular since she was not quite as musically inclined as Bach…. In fact, we had a good giggle over a specific occasion when we worked together at a private school, and I was in need of a potty break.  I asked Jamie to continue “conducting” the K-2nd strings class, as not to interrupt their flow.  When I returned, not one of the twelve string players were on the same note, and Jamie’s eyebrows were raised high in a “I didn’t do it” kinda look.  We made eye contact, and the two of us (followed by the entire class) erupted into laughter…. Yea, for sure she’s not Bach…..

That’s cos she’s Jamie.  She’s not a composer, or a conductor….she’s my favorite dancer.

Almost all the cards, and letters Jamie wrote me were signed, “Your Shiney Dancing Friend,” and that she is.

dance :1. To move rhythmically usually to music, using prescribed or improvised steps and gestures.2. a. To leap or skip about excitedly.b. To appear to flash or twinkle: eyes that danced with merriment.c. Informal To appear to skip about; vacillate: danced around the issue. 3. To bob up and down.

As you read that definition, if you know Jamie, you know that in the Webster’s dictionary they should really place her photo next to the definition.

Jamie taught me that in the good, or the bad….. keep dancing.  Our joy is not from external circumstances.  Our joy is in the knowledge that we are loved… we are His.  We have promise for hope always.  Today, Jamie is dancing before her King.  She is rejoicing in His presence…. and in just a glimmer of time, we will be shining and dancing next to her for our Father.  Until then, we gotta keep dancing here on this earth, and inviting as many people that we see to join us in the dance with the true love of our life for all eternity.

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