day one

Today was the first of my challenge to read one passage of verses every day for 30 days straight. Yay!  The book of Colossians was very fitting for me, and the thing that stood out today for me was this verse and theme —->>>

So, I wrote it on my hand…. That way, I would not forget!

It rang in my heart all day that as we set our hearts above, peace comes with the difficult times of my days on this earth, and then true joy comes with the special moments I encounter as I know that God gives me all good things.  🙂

If you didn’t join me today…. join me tomorrow!  30 Days!


4 thoughts on “day one

  1. We’ve been studying Colossians in my small group, and just discussed this verse on Tuesday! We set our hearts and minds where our spiritual reality is, not on earth but in heaven. If we could only keep our hearts and minds there! *SIGH* Good reminder Sis!

  2. Very good reminder that all things come from Him and that we should remember to concentrate on all things good that He blesses us with everyday!

    Walk daily with God at your side!


  3. Yes, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be an entire book…maybe just a passage of verses. For example…. Matthew 1-4, or something like that. It would be great tho for it to be a bit of a lengthy passage, rather than one verse, that way you get wonderful context. 🙂 I liked the idea for one of the short books. I would love to hear how the challenge goes for you!

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