study methods

My challenge of reading the same passage for one month straight has truly helped me in many ways.  One of the neat parts about it has been that I so quickly now can recall bits of passage that address a certain topic very easily (….at least in the book of Colossians that is… :)) So, if I have a question about legalism I can think about Chapter 2, Verse 16-22. Family thoughts? — Chapter 3, Verse 18-21…. Do I need to meditate on the Cross?  Chapter 1, Verse 15-23.  Let’s bury His words. His words that breathe life into us…. bury them deep in our heart.

I have had a few messages from you guys that are taking the challenge with me!  Yay!  Please, continue to let me know how it is affecting your life and heart…. It is so encouraging for me, and I love hearing your stories!!!  This journey is difficult, as we discuss often, but two on the path together can help each other along…. Thank you God for friends who walk beside us on this pathway.

So, one question several of you have asked me is to give the ways that I study and think through the passages…  So here are a few of my methods:

1.)  Read SLOWLY.  When I don’t understand a word… or it’s one of those words that I have heard MANY times in church, or conversation, and I think I know what it means… but really, maybe not…. now I look it up! Don’t just assume you know the definition cos others have handed it down to you — knowing for yourself and the research is so fun! I keep a dictionary handy, a study online, or  a concordance…

and then….

2.)  I write it down.  The official meanings of words, my thoughts, my heart struggles and His triumphs, and anything else that helps me remember the passage in the future.  (I also draw pics sometimes…. :))

3.)  I Read it over more than once.  Maybe read the passage once in the morning, and then again in the evening.  Especially before sleep… washing peace over the worries of the day.

4.)  Talk about it with others. I like to have discussions with friends….  Maybe plan a study, or join one you may know that is already in place.

5.) Pray and think throughout the day — soak it into our daily life.  Obey the words, and watch out for heart struggles that show the opposite in our thought processes and actions.  Let’s change our thinking to match the Word.  Ask God to let it soak through you, and give us the grace to live it.

PS:  Post-Its and sharpies are awesome too!!!!  I like to make notes and place them around in places with specific notes to remind me of where I need to keep my eyes fixed!


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