story time

She looked in the mirror.

Not a passing glance, or a quick thought as to her appearance…. but she really looked.  Her eyes filled with tears as she touched one of the scars with her fingertip.  She quickly recalled where that ugly scar came from: jealousy.  Oh no, the memory of that pain welled up, causing more tears to splash on her hand.  She glanced down noting the ugly bruise that discontentment caused her yesterday.  Then, of course, there was the horrendously big scar that ran across her forehead — she remembered how pride left her with that one.  She began to weep.  How could she ever greet her love this morning looking like this?

He was amazing.  His compassionate and patient ways never ceased to leave her in wonder and amazement.  The tender, never-ending love that she was so grateful for… but knew that she was completely undeserving to the be its recipient.  She cried all the harder just thinking about His goodness.  All she had to bring Him was her wretched, bruised and scarred self.  She looked again fully into the mirror — she saw no beauty.  Oh!  How she wanted to give Him something beautiful!  So, she got out her makeup, and began attempting to cover all the ugliness!  What a task!  She applied more and more and MORE.  After much makeup she stared into the mirror with the realization that NO amount of makeup could cover the blemishes that were so real.  So present.  All that she had accomplished was to hi-light the ugliness that was already there, and make herself look like a clown with things that were not truly covering what was there…. The mask of pretend “prettiness” only re-enforced the flaws.  She laid her head on the dressing table…. “Oh my King, I’m so ashamed to present myself to You like this.”  She whispered, “You are so perfect in every way.  You shine above all else.  How could you possibly love this?”

She looked at herself, disappointed in all the paths she had walked causing these scars.  If only she had listened to His words, His cautions, His gentle rebukes — but no, she had always tried in her own strength, her own ways, and her own thoughts…. and it had always left her with this pain.  This ugliness.  This brokenness.

He entered the room….. His presence thrilled her like nothing ever comparable, and made her want to dance like a child; while at the same time, she desired to fall in His arms and stay there safe forever.

“Oh no!  The ugliness!  The horrid make-up face!  I’m not ready!”  …she thought.

He took her in His arms…. and gently wiped away the tears from her eyes.  He tenderly cleaned the make-up.. wiping the film of all she had placed on her face trying to cover who she was before Him.  His presence was humbling, but exhilarating. He told her of His love for her… the love that was constant, true, and full of light.  The love that was not dependant on who she was, but showed who He was.

The King took her in His arms… and they danced.  As she kept her eyes on Him, and trusted His lead they danced as one — joyfully, peacefully, and with ease.  They passed by a mirror and as she glanced at the reflection momentarily, she noticed that her face shone beautifully reflecting Him and the brilliance of love.  She was beautiful!  She was clean!  She was glorious in the shadow of His comforting arms.  She smiled and clung closer to Him.. free to dance with her King.

He looked into her eyes, and He spoke to her gently, asking her to never leave His arms, but to dance with Him forever.  The love that covered the scars, the love that changed ugliness into beauty, the love that cleansed filth into purity….

….the same love that beckons us all to dance for eternity.




3 thoughts on “story time

  1. BEAUTIFUL!! Brought tears to my eyes because this is such a good description of how we feel! I know somewhere that this story needs to be shared. I’ll talk to you about it this week. 🙂 Have a wonderful, blessed weekend beautiful lady!! Love you!

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