I found a little card a couple of days ago made by my sister Joy, when she was a tiny tot aged 6.  You gotta know her… but the card was beautifully and intricately made.  Attention to detail had been poured into this card, and her cursive writing oh-so-carefully written.  She had free-hand drawn a pic of Kanga and Roo (from Winnie the Pooh…my FAV), and then wrote the words on the outside:  “Being a mom is a special thing….”  and then the inside: “to be.”

That was almost 16 years…. and I faced an unplanned pregnancy that was bringing with it confusion and turmoil in my life.  Joy’s simple act of kindness brought immediate peace, calm, hope… and beauty when things didn’t look beautiful.

Truth set me free.  Cos she was oh-so-absolutely right on.  Being a mom is a very special thing…. to be.  🙂


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