another challenge for you and me

Lately, I’ve been thinking of the word “intentional” a lot.  How much do we really act out in our life with purpose and intent?  Is it really important to have purpose in everything we say and do?

Well, let me see.  Here is a quick quiz for you and me:

How many lives will we live?

How many tomorrows will we for sure have?

Do we love those around us the way we really would like to today?

Intent, planning and goals have to be set if I want to see the results in my life.  If I am going to run a marathon next year, would I just show up?  Would we go to a battle without weapons and strategy?  Am I able to cook my family’s meals without buying ingredients and working toward that goal with planning?

How much more important is it to know why we are living this life, and with intent take steps to see our goals fulfilled?

So, here is my challenge for you and me.  I want us to spend one week documenting how we spend our time.  For example:  10pm-6am sleep, 6am-7am study time/breakfast, 7am-10am social media/computer, 10-12am coffee with friend, ect….  This seems like a simple challenge, but I think you will be amazed by the amount of time spent in ways that actually aren’t what you intend it to be. And, hey!  Be honest with yourself, as you put the pen to paper.  🙂

Just try it!  Don’t feel silly… feel intentional.  If we measure what we do now, it can help us make strategy for what’s really important.


2 thoughts on “another challenge for you and me

  1. I’m one that’s always been freakazoid about time management. Organized and scheduled to the max. I’ve learned to schedule unscheduled time. My challenge is to make sure that my schedule actually (intentionally) helps me meet my goals. Great post, Joani:)

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