this challenge keeps getting more challenging… intentionally

A couple of weeks ago we talked about keeping a record of our time, and measuring how we spend our time.   Determining if how we spend our day is what we really big-picture-wise desire….

So, did you forget?  Have you been logging your time?  If you want to send me your results anonyomously….  It will be fun to show percentages of how we all look together time-wise.

I didn’t fib, and some days my results were kinda grim.  Boo.  😦  We all squander time…. Time that is precious.

The whole challenge had me thinking too as I documented.  Do we take the time that we actually spend with intent, and fully enjoy and cherish it?  What I am saying is that sometimes I could be “spending time with my boys,” but was half-way listening to their conversations or trying to multi-task with the TV, computer, ect.  Getting really real and honest with you, I know that is not actually spending quality time together.  I’m not learning who they are, listening to their struggles reading-in-between-the-lines, and learning to love well.  Don’t get me wrong… there are those fun times too with maybe a TV show you all enjoy, or working on a project together on the computer — those are good times too.  What I am saying, is let’s be honest… let’s be sincere, let’s love the way we know we should.  Focusing on others needs before our own is not always easy, and sometimes we get caught away in our own “stuff.”  🙂

A few little notes I made to me as I charted my time are:

*Be intentional about visiting family and friends more.  You know… the ones you always say you need to visit more.  Just do it.

*Journal more.

*Take more photos

*Actually develop those said photos.

*Hug loads.

*Think about the word cherish, and then cherish those around you.  You have the opportunity to show them love and kindness in a stinky, hard world.

*Whatever you are doing, that you think that you need to be doing, DO with all you heart and ability.

“Do not squander time…for that is the stuff life is made of”
– Ben Franklin


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