melodies, tastes, sights, memories and my Mema

Almost a year ago, my Mema went to her true home.  She went to her reward after a long life of working hard here on this earth.

A line from a country song stands out to me…. “Funny how a melody, sounds like a memory.” (Eric Church – Springsteen)  There are certain things that happen, and it  just automatically causes your face to develop a little, secret smile, and your heart cherish the gifts that we have in this life.

Every cup of coffee…..

Every Clint Black song…..

Every salt and pepper shaker (to see her collection, was to believe the impossible.)

Every bowl of gumbo……

The sun on my face, and the sight of lake-folks fishing….

Cabbage Patch Kids….. (she couldn’t afford one for my sisters and I the year they were the “trend”… so she hand-sewed us each a replica.)

All Avon products…..

Gold jewelry…..

Every strong, single mother that faces the hardships of this world with passion and persistence for her children to experience good things…….

When I hear or see the word courage…. because courage isn’t about blindly fighting — it is fully looking an overwhelming adversity squarely in the eye and running forward knowing Who you trust in to win the battle.

And I think of one who ran her race well.

Dorothy Carlene Hughes.  My Mema.  🙂

This teeny woman had anything but a teeny heart, and certainly not a  teeny impact on the world around her.  Missing my Mema, but thankful that God has allowed me the privilege of being the granddaughter of such an amazing lady.


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