Intentional…. for little hearts

button-be-intentionalOnce upon a time, a few blogs ago… we thought together about being intentional.  We thought about time, and how we spend it — flippantly floating or intentionally living.  This has definitely been on my mind again, as we see New Year’s resolutions everywhere.  And we all cling to the word new.  New year.  New day. New choices.  New ways.  New mercies.

So, in this post as I talk to myself, and you… 🙂  I am thinking about being a mom.  What an amazing, beautiful, crazy, busy, overwhelming, enjoyable adventure it is to have the responsibility to encourage these young hearts!  I am not sure if you are a mom, a dad, an older sibling, a teacher, an aunt or uncle, a grandparent, a mentor, counselor, or friend…. but we all have little people in our lives that look to us for love, guidance, acceptance, and comfort.  We have this moment, this day, this time to help shape their future!  Wow!  And, yes…. it involves sacrifice on our part.  But, oh how sweet the reward!  The joy of seeing little hearts experience the love of God… and share His words to be imprinted on their hearts!

So, here are some “intentional” ideas:

1.  A designated Bible study/worship time

2.  Writing cards with verses of hope and encouragement for lunch-kits, to place in their room, bookmarks, ect.

3.  Reading time with good, inspiring resources

4.  Taking time to explain terms the child might not know, and grow up assuming rather than knowing the amazing, life-giving definitions.  (IE:  Redemption, grace, sanctification, ect.)

5.  Time to discuss what the child heard in the sermon, or in their class

6.  Be careful what the little eyes and ears see/hear. 

7.  Love. Intentionally. Fully. Always.

032Throughout the years I have found some children’s resources I love…. feel free to share and add to my list what you have found that is helpful! has great curriculum for all ages!  My son Jonathan loved two of their “youth” age studies.  I’m ordering “Rejoicing in God’s Good Design” for this year!

Realllllllly like this website:  FREE is always a YAY!  This site offers free printables, and lots of help getting started.  Also, much encouragement from others sharing the same purpose. is a ministry that is always helpful, and has some unique, creative ways to assist you in sharing God’s word.

Praise Factory is specifically a curriculum for Sunday School, and Children’s Church ministry.  It also can be helpful to you on a number of levels… so check them out! is a great website with videos, stories, and ways to teach our children about the persecution that people have experienced in the past, and in the present places of this world for their faith in God.  Great way to help broaden our children’s perspective.

Christian Focus 4 Kids is a great place to find very creative, Biblically sound resources to use for yowesleygrandcaymanur children.  My friend Paul has worked on a summary of the Bible that I am so excited about!! I love to see God’s beautiful tale of redemption unfolded through the stories of the Bible.  This will be great for you to study thru with children; complete with thought-provoking questions, timeline, and more.

So many great resources!  SO many ways to share true love with our little hearts entrusted to our care.  Can we intentionally share love fully today, so that in our tomorrow’s we have no regrets that we did not treasure this opportunity?


4 thoughts on “Intentional…. for little hearts

  1. As usual, God’s timing is perfect! When I found this notice of your blog entry, I was in the process of searching and researching resources to use as I take on a new adventure! I am about to start teaching our Wednesday night Mission Friends class for our preschoolers! I was already excited about it but then I came across your resources! PERFECT!!! Thanks so much for being so eager to listen and share the direction that God leads you!! Love you Joani!

      1. And, I’m coming to see y’all this next week!! Might be Monday if I get some stuff done in time. Can’t wait to get back in place there as well!!

  2. Joani, this is a wonderful, informative, inspiring post. From a mom on “the other end” (mine are grown and the dynamic is different, although the principles are the same”, I totally concur with your thoughts. 3 John 1:4 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”

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