*new* poetry from friends who write poetry

emm3Where I’m From

by Emma Hughes

I am from the oak leaves that float in the pool

I am from the hundreds of stacks of

Books and notebooks that

Give and keep my thoughts.


I am from the skateboards, bikes, and

Baseballs, from the glorified deer stand

That is home to the squirrels.  I am from the mischievous horses

That push me in the mud every time it rains.


I am from the neighbors that

We do not see, but hear all the time,

From the bonfires, guns, fishing poles,

From the hide and seek games in the dark.


I am from the princess movies with Ellie,

From the airsoft wars with Coy,

From the wild ideas of Aunt Alisha,

And the ping-pong games with Jacob.


I am from I love you Chickadee,

As my mom tucked me in at night when I was younger.

I am from don’t get the water wet,

The long vacations to see Grandpa.


I am from chicken pot pie

On Sundays at Grandma’s house

From the hot tamales that

We make on Christmas Eve.

I am from memma4y Momma’s flower journals,

Daddy’s sock drawer and Granny’s attic.

I am from the notebooks and papers that I hide under my bed,

From the photos that I use to remember forgotten memories.

(Photos courtesy of Joy Elizabeth Clark)


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