Meet Lucy Pevensie

IMG-20130127-00139 Lucy Pevensie is the newest member of this circus (oops… I mean home..) that we call our abode.  We add her to the five boys, two dogs, cat, & pet prehistoric creatures that should hatch any day now (compliments of Aunt Joy, Target, & Discovery Channel).

Lucy has no lack of attention, and we plan to teach her amazing tricks.  Possibly one day you might see Lucy on “America’s Got Talent,” or in her own show in Vegas.  The boys have decided the potential is endless….

Oh, I forgot to tell you that there was quite a debate for the name tho’.  Jonathan insists on Pedro.  David STILL calls her Beans.  Wesley doesn’t understand why we couldn’t name her Sweetie-Pie.

It’s been quite the discussion, as believe it or not, we have some opinionated people around here. 😉

I can assure you of this fact:  Life is never dull for our tribe!


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