story time

She carefully styled her hair.  Each strand strategically placed as excitement seemed to burst from her heart.  He sat in a nearby chair watching her… not intently, but warmly staying near her as she readied herself.  She had taken great toil w001ith her appearance that evening.  She was going out with friends!  As he observed her, he noted the gleam in her eyes, the hum from her lips, and a lilt in her steps.  He slowly walk out of the room, and outside to the bench that sat on their front porch…. his nearness and then departure alike unnoticed by her.  The half-hour passed, and he watched as she swung open the door glowing with the anticipation of her social-time to come.  She gave a quick wave, peck on the cheek and scurried away.  She did not note the two cups of coffee prepared and lovingly placed on the little table, next to the bench where he sat.  He never said a word.  He waved goodbye, and sipped his coffee alone as he watched a beautiful sunset fade its burning lights slowly sinking into the earth.

She returned very late that night, once again he watched her eyes sparkle as she glowingly described all the fun she and her friends had shared…. Mary had the most lovely new dress…. Cheyenne got a new job….. Eric danced so silly… a new friend Kyle was so witty and fun, his conversations just made the evening… She yawned climbing into the bed, “I’m too tired to shower he doesn’t care,” she laughingly thought, “he loves me anyways.”  As she snuggled into her comfy spot of the bed, she rolled over facing the wall with a grin still on her face from memories of the nights gleeful activities.  She never noticed his open arms, or the rose placed next to her bed.  She closed her eyes and sleep came with ease, all the fun had exhausted her!

He just wanted her to spend time with him.  He always showed her, always told her.  Ever so quietly, ever so strongly.  He didn’t argue with her, or tell her off…. because then he wouldn’t have what was desired; her heart wanting to be with him!  So he sat on the bench alone.  Every day continuously showing his love in many different, beautiful, creative expressions.  Always, either not noticed, or casually thanked and then quickly forgotten.

Oh, on special days, like their anniversary, she remembered.  She would put on a spectacular dress, prepare an amazing dinner, light the candles… “All for him!” Of course.  He saw the lack of true sparkle in her eyes.  She put on a glorious show, but there was no simplicity of true joy from just being with him —  from knowing him.  The next day she would have so much fun boasting to her friends about the splendid evening they had spent together commemorating “faithful” love with him.

She never really knew him.

He desired for her to sit on the bench, spend time with him, talk to him, know him.  He wanted to listen to her heart, and then share his.  He wanted her to see his loving ways, and take joy in his love.

One morning she told him, “You know, tonight I’m not going out.. I just want to come home and be with you.”  He was so excited, he prepared an extraordinary meal, bought special wine, set an elegant table with dimly lit white candles, and played special soft music that he knew to be her favorite.  So perfect.  He dressed himself with care, and sat and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  When midnight came the candles were melted into a puddle and flickered out.  He cleared away the table settings.  He never said a word of it to her.

He desired for her to be with him.  He had so many wonderful things to give her, share with her, and help relieve her from…. Kindness was his way.

A few months later she excitedly packed for a “wife conference” to learn all the ways to complete him better.  benchShe would come home raving about ways to do things better for their marriage…. but she never took the time to know what his ways were, or what he desired from her.  To tell the truth, she never even stopped long enough to look deep into his eyes, or watch what his hands did in love for her.

Moments come and then we watch the days go by and so life goes on.  Moments turn into days.  Days into memories.  Every evening he sat on the bench, just wishing for her to sit with him.

One day her last moment on this earth arrived…. her last memory was made… her final breath taken.  Her life had come and gone.  She had spent her lifetime “with” him, but she had never really just sat with him awhile.


I wrote this sometime ago… actually November 18, 2009.  Part of my journey to understand the promises of God was to also ponder this verse, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to investigate a matter.”  Proverbs 25:2

He waits….

Perfect patience and love.

He waits….

You say you are His child,

A servant of the Most High.

But who do you fear and revere?

Who do you aim to please?

Do you even know Him?

What are His ways?

Lowliness, humility, meekness of heart.  He desires mercy not sacrifice.  Listen to Him.  Know Him.

……..then follow.



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