“i painted you a rainbow”

Quick confession:  I enjoy eavesdropping on children sometimes.  It is so fun, and insightful!  I always learn so much about them, but also myself…. 🙂  I recently listened in on one of those special conversations that I will not soon forget.  My niece Taylor (4) was very dramatically telling my son Wesley (6)  how very much she loved rainbows.

“Rainbows are my favorite EVER!

“Rainbows are BE-YOOOO-TIFULL!”

“Rainbows are all about God!”

“I like God. He is good, and He makes RAINBOWS!”

Well, you get the picture.  Tay-Tay loves rainbows.  But then, the conversation turned to a sad note.

“Why can’t there be rainbows all the time?”

“I hate the storms.”

“I wish there was a rainbow now….”

Later that evening, my son Wesley ran to his room, and emerged much later with a bright, colorful artwork of a rainbow.  “See Mom!  I figured it out!  I made Tay-Tay a picture of a rainbow, so she can have one ALL the time.”

As simple and childish as it seems, this was such a great reminder for me.  We:  fathers, mothers, teachers, guides, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, co-workers, daughters, sons and friends have the opportunity to joyfully paint for those around us rainbows.  Those around us often are fighting the turmoil from the storms in this life… and we as an encourager can do exactly that:  encourage.  We cannot take away the pain, we cannot often take away the storm.. but we can be an arm wrapped around our loved ones – sharing comfort in the midst.  Easing the journey with hope of our destination.  I’m so thankful for those rainbows in my life.

We can paint this rainbow, by trusting in our Father… and knowing that no matter what may come our way we can trust!  We can smile, we can rest, we can know… God is good, and His love endures forever through it all.

But…. Do we instead nag?  Gossip?  Gripe?  Mope?  Frown?  Whine? Doubt?  (Ouch.)  Are we actually painting more storms for them within their storm?

Let’s paint rainbows.  Let’s remind those around us of His promises.  Those promises that tell us He will never leave us or forget us.  The promises that remind us that the Lord is always near when we call out to Him.  The promise that His love never fails.  Let’s remind our loved ones of what God says, and how we can trust the One who loves us.  A beautiful gift for those around us…  Rainbow painting.



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