beautiful friends who write poetry

My friend Alice Grimes wrote this beautiful heart-expression — I keep it in my desk to be a constant reminder of the light that was bright during my “when’s” and then the prayer that I can also give hope when I meet someone else who is walking through their “when.”  Thank-you Alice for sharing this with me.


When pain wells up, then overflows;

When anger smolders, then blows;

When fears haunt, then paralyze;

When a loved one is ill or dies;

When parents fight and someone leaves;

When a teenager tries, but cannot please;

When a family has secrets but denies;

Where once there was truth, now only lies;

When you trust only to be abused;

When what was clear becomes confused;

When the life you knew is suddenly gone;

Where once you felt loved, now you just feel alone.

There are times you need an earthly ear,

Not so much your words, but your heart to hear.

Without judgment, “fixing,” or placating chatter.

Ah, but for a few shared moments just to know you matter.

~Alice Grimes



One thought on “beautiful friends who write poetry

  1. Alice Grimes

    Thank you, Joani. I am happy to know this touched you. And just so you know you have been one of the precious souls at ETPHC who listened and heard my heart and then prayed with me and for me. What a joy to have you in my life.

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