a reminder…

“Wherever He has you… be all there.”listen

My friend leaned in his chair toward me, smiling wide with encouragement that I needed to grasp hold of in that moment.  Not only then, but to this day I hold this statement close to my heart and it urges me on in my daily walk.  I think more and more in today’s quickly growing fast-paced, technologically driven, overloaded schedule world we sometimes forget to simply, “bloom where we are planted” for the moment.  We want to conquest and stay productive, yet sometimes the important moments pass us by in a quiet way.  The opportunities to love, serve, and help are everywhere… but we dash by hurrying to the next “project”.

We stare at a computer screen surfing Facebook while a child tugs on our arm to play cards.

We text others while sitting across from a loved one at a lunch.

We lament away when we move to a new location, because it’s just not home — Perspective blinding us from seeing the beauty what’s in front of us.

We lose the gift of hearing another person’s heart and journey because they say something we disagree with and the remainder of the conversation we spend time formulating our clever rebuttal…. instead of being “all” there with our ears.

Remember this:  Our hearts are shaped to be more like His in the daily walk of obedience to the opportunities set before us.  We grow surrendering each moment to loving His way — perfect and complete.  Take time to smell the roses today, and tomorrow you’ll be grateful that you did.


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