Guest Post Series! Yay! Favorite things



Meet my friend Renee. We serve together at the East Texas Pregnancy Center and she is a beautiful lady — inside and out.  I’m always impressed with her math skills, her big smile, and how her tea always smells amazing.  She is the  first of my guest post blog series.   I have asked some of my peeps to write about one of their favorite things.  So, sit back, have a cup of tea, and enjoy reading about one of Renee’s fav things.  

It’s funny how favorite things can change over time.  I have gone from country life to city life and back to country life, with a short international jaunt in between.  I have learned to adapt and appreciate some favorite things in each of those settings.   Things I considered favorites in Chicago are not necessarily available in rural Texas, so some of my favorite things can tend to be traded with other new favorite things, such as trading Chicken Pad Thai for Chicken Gumbo or Home Run Inn Pizza for Hunt Brother’s Pizza (and yes, I buy my pizza at a gas station now).

Though some “favorites” change, some remain consistent, no matter where I live or what I am doing.  One consistent favorite for me has been my love of all things Christmas, but especially Christmas music.  Yes, I am one of the annoying people who can listen to Christmas music year round and never get tired of it.  And I do listen… not every day, but often.

Christmas-Music-christmas-2735928-1024-768-300x225When I say Christmas music, I mean CHRISTmas music, emphasis on the Christ content.  I am not talking about “Deck the Halls” or “Here Comes Santa Claus”.  While I do appreciate those songs, my tolerance level for those tunes is seasonal.  I am talking about Handel’s “Messiah” or Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, as well as classic hymns like “Joy to the World” or “O Come All Ye Faithful”.

I have sometimes wondered why I love Christmas music so much.  I suppose there are many reasons, but mostly I think the composition of classic Christmas music is majestic and worshipful.  Christmas is a focused time to celebrate Jesus’s first coming, while looking forward to the hope of the second coming and a future promised with Him.  Because of the One whom the music is composed to worship, its composition generally stands out among all music and provides for me a glimpse of what more is to come when we worship Him in Heaven.  I have found no greater worship experience yet than when listening to or singing along with Christmas music.

Another reason that comes to mind is that my positive childhood memories of Christmas bring a feel-good emotion when I hear music associated with those happy memories.  I do find that when I am feeling low, popping in a Christmas CD has the power to pull me out of whatever emotional pit I have been in.   It is more than the music itself though.  The lyrics of the Christ-centered music help me to take my focus off of myself and refocus on the One who is worthy of my whole heart’s affection.  That’s reason enough for all of us to listen to Christmas music out of season!!!

I am excited that the Christmas season is fast approaching.  My CD’s are unapologetically always at the ready, so bring it on!


One thought on “Guest Post Series! Yay! Favorite things

  1. A kindred spirit for sure, love that CHIRSTmas music year round. Love the way you have tradeoffs rather than just missing something. Still haven’t found a tradeoff for Jenny’s Fried Chicken, but we are still working on it. Thanks, Renee:)

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