“First Light” Guest Post Series — Favorite Things!

45009_10200187951006441_905741244_nMeet Jody.  She is a wife, mom, grandmom, author, librarian, amazing musician, much more… and my friend.  Not just a distant friend, even though truth be told we are miles apart physically and rarely get to chat, but yet knit together closely in the common bond of love that meets no distance of the heart.  This beautiful lady has held me while I cried tears of pain, laughed with me over silly songs, and painted a picture of whispered hope when my eyes struggled to see.  I love my friend Jody, and you will too.  

My favorite time of day – that moment between the dark of night and sunrise. The predawn quiet washes the previous day away, and offers a new beginning. Soft light of pearl makes everything beautiful, reminding me to look at my life through love colored glasses. Joy meets light as His spirit sings to my heart that the steadfast love and mercies of the Lord are new every morning. I gratefully remember the day that my life became all about what I am for, instead of what I’m against. Suddenly, fear falls away, things look wonderfully different, doors open, miracles spring forth, abundant life surrounds. The freedom of that new day in my life inspired my first published poem:

First Light*

The light slips pearl-like Through the window in my room, The soft, first light of day…

Hallowed time, a moment Before the coming noise, The quiet, first light of day…

The Dove sings His song Of love into my heart, The precious, first Light of day…

Father whispers to His child His way of life and Word, The Holy, first Light of day.

May each of your moments be new in the light of His love and mercy.

God Bless, Jody


*used by permission, Mature Living Magazine

Love Colored Glasses



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