Yep! Another Guest Post…. favorite things!


Hello everyone!  Today’s guest post is from my friend Alisha Fussell.  Alisha is the Director of the CPC where I am privileged to serve.  She is a visionary, heart stirrer, zeal splasher, and has a  tender heart to love everyone.  Alisha has a beautiful family that truly know how to laugh, and truly know how to care.  There is so much more to say about my pal, but instead read on and I think you’ll find out for yourself….

So my wonderful friend Joani asked me to write about my favorite things. Easy enough right? Well not so simple for this gal. You see, it depends on when you ask me and sometimes it depends on what mood I am in. Here is my best attempt in no particular order:

Pumpkin spice candles, the color gold, big band swing=my favorite

Big gut laughs, and stretchy pants on Thanksgiving, chill in the air, roasting marshmallows, and really tight squeeze hugs.

November is my favorite.

I love when my baby gets the flag in football and looks to find me in the stands. Yes, I love that really big toothless grin as he waves the flag in the air and celebrates really big. That’s my favorite. It is also worth mentioning that he dances very passionately to the Rocky theme song on the sidelines no matter who made the touchdown.

It’s my favorite when I can cook a meal that came from our woods and our ground. I feel like a pioneer woman. For some reason, that makes me extremely happy.

I love truth.

Hearing my baby girl worship from her heart in her room when she thinks no one else is around but her and God. Oh yes, it’s my favorite.

Dancing is my favorite.

Family games nights are my favorite…especially charades with my siblings.

Watching my hubby play with my little ones as I type this…that is my favorite too.

It’s my favorite when my little boy who is now a tween says, “Can I snuggle with you mom?” I take all the snuggles I can get! They won’t be little forever.

It is always my favorite when I see the hope of Jesus start a fire in a heart that seemed without hope.

When you see God answer prayers, that only you and Him know about. You bet, that’s my favorite!

It’s my favorite when that someone you’ve been weeping before the Lord for has that spark in their eye again. You know, that deep joy only found in God.

The friends that have walked through life with you…the highest mountaintops and the deepest valleys and they still love you with unexplainable, beautiful, and unwavering love. They are my favorite.

When you’ve gone through a hard time and those friends show up to encourage you, bring an unexpected meal, or just clean your house so you can rest. It is my favorite. (Also, when I can do that for them)

My hubby is my favorite. He is for real my best friend. I love that he loves God more than me and because of that he leads our family well. He is my favorite.

I love the pure and heartfelt prayer that comes from a child. Oh how that’s my favorite.

My husband constantly flirts with me. Being his wife is my favorite!

Being a Mom to some pretty amazing kids is my favorite!

I am a child of God! This is my FAVORITE! I’m so in love with Him.

Sharing God’s love with others is my favorite. I love that God has given me a job where I have so many opportunities to do just that by serving and by sharing His Words of hope.

AHH…I have so many favorites I can’t stop! But I must. My wee little ones are tired and I get to tuck them in. That is my favorite.  🙂

Now since I can’t get this song out of my head, I’ll share with you ….


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