beautiful roads

Think I am ready to start writing again.  I’m so thankful for many of you encouraging me to do so, and your kind words mean so much.  I’m grateful.  I’m working on my classes presently, cat snuggled at my feet, coffee in hand, and I’m reflective of the past week…. Seems like the right time to start.  🙂

It’s been a tough week.  It’s been a beautiful week.  It has been all that is in between tough and beautiful.  It’s been a week full of the great joys watching children laughingly running with the clouds, teenagers teasing and their passion for life, and then it’s been a sad week grieving a holiday with the loss of loved ones whose presence was not there.  Emotions rising and falling over the days that have passed as I look over my shoulder, yet the Light that faces me as I walk ahead.

IMG_2242While having a chat with my mom this morning, she stated a simple, but life-altering truth… She said, “If we aren’t thankful for what we have, then there will never be joy for us.”  Can we be grateful for all the bits that our lives hold today?  My ups and downs… my past roads…. my pain… my falls… my days of delight… All part of the journey that has led me to today, and all part of the same journey that leads me into tomorrow.

FullSizeRender (28)


We wake up, and we face each day with the tools in our belt given to us on our journey for this day.  We can be thankful for them, and the experience that provided each one.  We can embrace the opportunity to take the next “right steps,” and we can believe the Love given when we stumble.  How beautiful that we have only to look out the window, and see gifts to help us breathe.  Rest, my friend.  If your day holds a celebratory dance, enjoy!  If your day has a bit of fog and messy rain… reach out, and be loved.  Life is precious.  You are precious.

“Gratitude is a continual celebration of life.”





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