twinkling, shiney skies and guys like Tycho Brahe

Post Its and Sharpies is a blog all about my favorite things, and hopefully along the way it’s some of your favorite things, too!  So, hang on, sometimes this might get a bit abstract and random… 😉

I love birthdays!  I love the celebration of life for each individual.   Each miraculous person born, with their own special gifts and contributions to share.  All quite amazing, isn’t it?  So, tomorrow we can celebrate Tycho Brahe’s birthday (He would be 468). He was one of the first recorded astronomers, and his contributions to the study of the sky are still effecting us today.  He had a passion and excitement not only to study the stars, but to give others exact, and precise information.  He revolutionized astronomical instrumentation for research… and as a domino effect many great discoveries came as a result of his gifts!  One such example is when the precise, helpful instruments gave Kepler the opportunity to discover that the planets move in elliptical orbits!  Wow!

Tonight, I think he would have loved to observe the Geminid Meteor Shower.  And, tonight we have the opportunity to see, observe and study the skies in a more brilliant way, with thanks to Mr. Brahe.

Remember, my friends… there was only one Tycho Brahe, and there is only one you.  Only one you, with your amazing gifts to share with those around you.  It may be a kindness, it may be a song, it may be an equation, and it may be scientific instruments to help others see this wide, beautiful world even more closely…  Whatever it may be, it’s you.  🙂  A friend of mine recently said something so significant for us all… “If you aren’t you, who will be?  There was only one YOU created.  Stop trying to be someone else, or afraid to be yourself.  When you’re not you, your place is missed in this world.”



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