my friends.

It’s almost 2015, folks!  (A bit of news for you, eh?)  😉  As I think about this past year, and actually, reflect even longer back on the past decade of my life, I am so grateful for the many, many, many, gifts I have been given.  So this morning, I sit and think… my heart swelling with gratitude.

My friends. Lighthouse

I am so thankful for you.  How can one gal be so fortunate to be loved.  To be loved so well.

In my life I’ve been so blessed, by so many undeserved kindnesses.  It overwhelms my heart, and lights a warm flame in me… that has needed to burn long and steady during some difficult days.

So, to you, I say thank you.  Words are trite, but they are all I have to give to you today.

Thank you for….

Gorgeous flowers…. at surprising moments.  At needed moments.

Trips to Cayman, to sit quietly on a beach and bask in God’s magnificent, splendour of Creation when my heart was tired, and needed to see His big radiance at work.

An owl pinata.  AND an owl Christmas ornament that says, “I *heart* Grandma”.  Just because.

Words of constant encouragement.  Lovingly pointing me to Hope.

Big, hearty gut laughs shared over the complexities (that we make), the simplicity’s (that we need reminded of), and great joys of these treasured days.

Texts and memes to make me laugh, or to whisper “you are loved”.

Trips to visit me in another country… just to lay eyes on me and make sure I was OK during medical issues.

Standing quietly by when I needed to cry alone, and squeezing me tight when I needed to cry with someone.

Red stretchy pants.

Consistent phone calls that sometimes weren’t returned during strong moments of grief.

Coffee pots and coffee times.  🙂

Special thoughtful gifts that say “I love you”.

Crazy selfies that make me laugh until I cry.

Heart to heart talks, with the comfort of full trust.  A kind ear and safe place to fall.

Chocolate!  (‘Nuff said, dearie.)

Songs to help me breathe.

Incessant prayers.

Pointing me up, up, up to the clouds.  Sometimes you have the best view of God’s big, beautiful sky when you are flat on your back.

Kindness.  Compassion.  Gentle understanding in moments when I wasn’t so pretty.  Yet, you loved me well.  You were patient.  You were kind.  You didn’t envy, or boast.  You weren’t proud.  You didn’t dishonor me, instead you gave of yourself sacrificially.  You didn’t get angry with me, and I’m hoping you don’t keep a record of wrongs.  😉  You rejoiced in light.  You pointed me to light, and you reflected my Father’s light.  You protected.  You trusted.  You hoped.  And you persevered in loving me well.

I love you.  Thank you, my friend.

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”

~Albert Schweitzer

1 Corinthians 13


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