the music of our hearts


My eyes welled up with big, lumpy tears, and a happy smile overwhelmed my heart… The heart-smile gradually spreading out to beam on my face.  I was taken back to a very special moment in time. The song that was singing out to my ears from my iTunes playlist, had transported my heart to another moment. I heard laughter, and saw smiling faces around me…. I heard, “It’s a boy, Joani!”  Most magnificently, I saw a tiny face looking up at me. A face that I had never met before, but was so in love with already.  A part of me.  A precious gift that gave me incredible joy.  Joy that my heart felt it couldn’t contain, it might burst! The beautiful feelings all came flooding back, simply after hearing the sweet melody of the soundtrack that I had played at the births of three of my sons.

Really and truly, this favorite thing o’ mine could be written about every day.  Music.  Each and every day.  I love music.  I love the mystery of how each one of us love different styles, march to different drums, and feel so deeply the emotions with various songs.  I love how music moves me to tears — to feel the depths of my feelings… or, makes my feet dance before my mind decides that’s a good idea for me.  😉  I love how that one tune makes me feel how large, and beautiful, and fascinating this life is, in a moment that I need to feel that again.

We are souls.  Made up of a mind, will and emotion.  Feelings are important.  They are part of the very core of us!  What a lovely gift that music is to help us feel.  To feel, and then to express those feelings…. Ah.  I luvvit.  I need it.  We all do, actually.

This morning, my boys and I were listening to a little blues on the way to school.  (Sigh.  So nice.  So very nice… digging the lead licks. Indescribable emotion).  The boys were fascinated as their new thing is to watch my screen display in the car… When one song began, Paul exclaimed, “SEVEN minutes!  This song is seven minutes for one song… that’s going to be a lonnnng time!”  After we were into the song for one minute, they were both enthralled.  Grooving, laughing, and eyes wide as they enjoyed the amazing gift of someone’s soul on display…  We all wanted more than the seven minutes as the song closed out.  Music.  A beautiful contribution.  To play, write, listen, share, produce….

I’ve been watching American Idol this season, and loved a story last week of a young man that was given a guitar a year ago by a homeless shelter’s director.  A simple gift that helped him through desperate times.  A small token, yet it gave endlessly to him, as he could express his soul when words were not there.

Grateful, my friends, for this amazing way that God intricately wove into our life this needed piece. This beauty that is really unexplained in how deep it runs in our core.  It’s actually in our DNA, folks!  Crazy wonderful  We can give, we can receive, and we can help one another feel the moments of our lives.  We can breathe ii_musical_scorein, and then exhale what we are feeling, and face another moment.  Enjoy the next moment.  Live this next moment.  And, enjoy the beautiful moments that have come before to shape our lives.

The best, most beautiful,and most perfect way that we have of expressing a sweet concord of mind to each other is by music.

-Jonathan Edwards

PS: A definition…

  1. present, appearing, or found everywhere.


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