words of life

001I scroll through social media… and I see your faces.  Your life filled with adventures, pains, needs, and moments of fun! Your beautiful children laughing in the flowery field – you are sharing your pride and joy! I see your late-night recipes that make me hungry, and then I probably think about what a great cook you are!  Your inspiring quotes posted in pretty memes letting me know that they have a deep story behind just the simple click of you pressing “share” – You are really sharing the meaning and light it brought to you, and now you hope to share the same with another heart.  Your soapboxes that you might jump on as an outlet for your anger about injustices that you are passionate to help change, or your desire to help others “see” something that you have seen, and want for others.  You are sharing you!  A gift!

But, then…. and especially lately… I see lots of screaming back and forth.  I see much cynicism, and sarcasm.  And the pain comes.  My heart hurts because I know that we all are so much alike, actually.  We all desperately want to be heard, and understood.  Then, when we feel like others don’t, or when they disagree… yikes, then we feel rejected.  We are lumped and generalized.. judged and criticized.  And pain cycles round, and round.

Cynicism: bitterly or sneeringly distrustful, contemptuous, or pessimistic.

Sarcasm: harsh or bitter derision or irony. Ridicule. (Webster).

I have arrived at my beliefs for a reason, and so have you.  Obviously, our beliefs determine so much about our lives, and we truly want others to experience and know who we are, and why…

If you know me, you know that I would love to live in an imaginary fairy tale world where we could (and should) eat M & M’s all day, ride on rainbow colored ponies, live in magical treehouses, and we never, ever argue.  🙂   But, that simply isn’t the way it is. You may be thinking now that’s where my post is heading.. “Ah, Joani just wants us all to live in fantasy world, where we all just love each other, never accomplish anything, hold hands and sing KumBaYa all day…”  Haha.  And, maybe you’d be right!  😉  Actually, I’m learning to be very appreciative for the difficult conversations we need to have.  It brings change and growth. Needed change and growth.  Our emotions help us fuel needed conversations.   We live in a world where we will most definitely disagree, and we will most definitely have the need to share our own thoughts, beliefs, fears, joys, and hopes.  Yes, sometimes it’s messy, and sometimes it hurts.  Most of the time we take risks of vulnerability with our hearts as we communicate, and there is such beauty in that.  Yet, sometimes we fear rejection, and we suppress, or explode.  I do believe it’s important to keep digging deep for the courage to speak up and share our hearts.

But, can we try to do it so the others can hear?

We are all individual hearts.

Let’s check our own hearts, and then let’s try to truly listen to one another as we talk…tree

I know my perspective is just that… my little perspective and my little angle at looking at things.  My little Joani-Viewer that sees the world through my beliefs, culture, and heart, but I wanted to share with you guys.  Thank you for sharing with me.

And, maybe you like Freud, can’t help but think that “in the depths of my heart I can’t help being convinced that my dear fellow-men, with a few exceptions, are worthless.”  But, I would have to politely and respectfully disagree with you and Mr. Freud on this. Fight cynicism with the knowledge that each and every person is worthy of love, and that we each have a story to share in a conversation with a coffee (or a tea, for my beloved tea-drinking friends…).

I believe you are worthy of all and any efforts of Pure, True Love.  I believe that you are an eternal being, and not here by chance or mistake.  I believe that contempt and bitterness from others sends a deep pang inside you, just like it does me.   I believe you are a miracle that I have the opportunity to know, and to see, and to hear.

Choose words of life, my friend.  I need them, and I’m thinking you do, too.


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