Dear Liam

Dear Liam,

I’m pretty sure you know how special you are to me. Since the day you were born, and I had the beautiful opportunity to meet you in your first few moments of taking in the world I’ve treasured you. Maybe it’s your sweet, gentle nature like your dad, and maybe your expressions and eyebrows that say it all just like your mom. Maybe, it’s just you! You are such a special, unique little man! I love you!


My heart breaks that your daddy left this world last week. I wish you could have known him, and presently enjoy the amazing man that he is. But, he’s in heaven now, and I know his desire is for us to join him there one day. It hurts so deep, and we miss him so, so, so much already. But, then I think about how you can know him. Through the eyes of us who loved and saw him love you.
One of my favorite memories is the day your mom and dad were married. It was so beautiful. I don’t always cry at weddings, but this one I did. They truly had found the one “that their soul loved.” We had so much fun celebrating. It also showed me a lot about your dad when they went to leave for their honeymoon with their car painted up, and cans tied to the back, and your mom saying to your dad “move over, I want to drive!” Your dad with his big grin happily moved over, beaming over his new wife that he loved every spark and shine of in every way! We laughed and laughed over that memory together afterwards. Your mommy is so full of life, and she loves to take the drivers seat! Your daddy began showing her that he was a loving protector by serving her with joy.  That’s what a strong man does, and your dad was one of the strongest-hearted men ever.  I think you will be, too.

I love how he always cradled you in his arms with that little smile always on his face

I love how attentive he was when others were holding you. He carefully watched to make sure you were happy, safe, and comfortable.

I love how much your mommy and daddy laughed together. The kind of belly-laugh that is contagious.
I love how your mommy smiled more and more each day as she was married to your daddy. Her happy heart was bursting out more each moment that she lived with his love.

I love how much your mommy could trust your daddy. He loved her without judgement, and she had no fear of being herself.

I love how your daddy loves beautiful things.

I love how hard he worked with your mommy to make your home beautiful.

I love how your daddy always wanted to help. On one of his only summer days off of work he came with friends and your mommy to enjoy a day swimming at the creek. He saw that I was painting at Nannas, and he quickly changed his plans and grabbed a paintbrush. We fought briar bushes, and mosquitoes and he never complained — in fact he showed me that he had just as much fun serving as he would’ve relaxing. He made me laugh, too.

I love how the night you were born he was there every second. Every second. He was stroking your mommys hair, and holding her hand. For hours he wouldn’t leave her side. In fact, in one moment I saw him quickly place your mommys hand in Aunt Moriahs hand to run to the potty! That was the only time I saw him leave her side. He wanted to be with her, and experience it all. He was so excited to meet you! When you arrived his smile lit up the room. His son. The wonderful Mr Liam.


What a gift that Jonathan McBride is your daddy! What a gift that was given to this world through The Love of Jonathan and Abigail McBride in YOU! What a gift that he was able to look into your eyes and fall in love with the specialness of you! I’m so grateful.

You are loved, Liam. So very much, straight from the start, completely from a big heart and forever.


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