My devotional this morning pointed me, as always it seems, with a right lens for my day.  Maybe you, like me, feel that the storms just keep coming.  I remember once, when I lived in Florida as a child, going to the beach and having a contest with my sister to see how long we could tread the water in the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.  We both stubbornly kept the contest going for quite awhile, and I remember my legs beginning to ache.

My heart feels that way sometimes.

I keep treading and treading with that little word. . . hope.  My head is bobbing up and down, legs aching, staying afloat. . . But, can this be over?  Can my contest end?

My devotion this morning reminded me that there’s a difference between despair and desperation.

Despair = not so good.  There’s no point in it all.  I quit. 

Desperation = Jesus, you are my only hope. I look to you for my help, where else would I go?

Just when my strength runs out, is the same place where I give it to Him.  And, that is where my heart belongs. . . safe in His loving hands.

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